10 Simple Productivity Hacks for Busy Professionals

Many working professionals believe that productivity means completing more tasks in less time. Well, that is a misconception associated with the concept of productivity. Such a notion would easily fit into the idea of efficiency. Let us look at 10 simple productivity hacks for busy professionals.

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Productivity refers to completing the tasks assigned correctly and moving on to the next job. We have all wondered how to be productive while navigating the hectic work schedule. It will be surprising to know that the road to being highly productive begins with a few simple hacks.

1. Plan your day

Straightforward productivity hacks are planning your day. That takes only a few minutes to plan the day, but it can help you a significant amount of time. If you require help planning the day, many tools are available to help you organize your day to be more productive.

One such tool is online scheduling software like Picktime. The software has many features that ease planning your day. One of the software's unique features is a personalized page allows your clients to self schedule meetings. The calendar helps to monitor your daily schedule at a glance. The software also sends automated reminders. That would assist in enhancing the communications with the clients as they will know what the meeting would be about.

Better communication means better coordination with your team and with your client. The reminder informs the client about the meeting. You can also integrate virtual meeting platforms like Google Meet and Zoom to host remote meetings with your team and clients. If you use other calendar applications like Google, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange & iCloud, the software allows you to synchronize them on a single platform. You can also download the Picktime app onto your mobile to monitor and change your schedule, even on the go.

2. Avoid distractions

Avoiding distractions when working is one of the productivity hacks, whether from home or the office. For instance, the notification that you may receive on your phone. Every unplanned interruption takes your focus away from work. Therefore, turn off your mobile devices while working. 

Moreover, it is also advisable to organize the desk in such a manner that eliminates any distractions. If there is much clutter on the desk, clear it- for instance, many papers or notes. A clean desk helps you to stay focused and improve your productivity.

3. Prioritize the tasks

Remember that not every task is essential. Working professionals often spend so much time completing non-essential tasks. As a result, they tend to make their work- schedule busy. Therefore, it is essential to learn to prioritize the tasks based on urgency- for instance, from high to low. You can move on to the non-essential tasks when you complete the vital tasks. Prioritizing tasks is one of the productive hacks to make your busy work schedule simpler.

4. Identify when you are most productive

You have to identify when you are the most productive. For instance, whether in the morning, afternoon, or the evening. Once you determine when you are the most productive, you can complete the essential tasks when you are the most productive and move on to non-essential tasks like replying to the email.

5. Prioritize Single-Tasking over Multitasking

Multitasking can often produce undesired results and hamper your productivity. Instead of doing many tasks simultaneously, concentrate on a single task, complete it, and move on to the next job. If you attempt to multitask, you will have a list of incomplete essential tasks, which only grows.

A massive list of incomplete tasks can demotivate you to focus on the job and reduces productivity for busy professionals. Therefore, complete one task at a time, then move on to the following essential task.

6. Time blocking

Time blocking will help you categorize the tasks and a productivity hack. For instance, you can dedicate twenty minutes to two hours a day to completing one task. After that, your productivity is likely to decrease. So take a break, refresh yourself, and return to completing the task.

You can also allocate time to check emails, social media, client calls, reply to emails, etc. Time blocking has proved to be one of many productivity hacks.

7. Deadline

Establishing deadlines are productivity hacks for getting more tasks completed. Remember that when setting deadlines, you have to be realistic. It would be best to be confident you can complete the job within the stipulated time. Otherwise, you would overdo it. However, the deadline should also have room to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances.

8. Avoid unnecessary meetings

You can improve your productivity by avoiding pointless meetings. For instance, you have attended a conference for hours without any agenda and no end to it. Such meetings are a colossal waste of time and somewhat frustrating. However, productive meetings are often short and to the point. If possible, you can try to avoid such unproductive meetings.

9. Concentrate on productivity instead of perfectionism

Running behind perfectionism is a recipe for time-killing. Instead, concentrate on completing the tasks. Once you have completed the job, you can return later and make the necessary changes. That way, you can improve productivity and contribute more.

10. Be an early riser

Many of us are, maybe, night owls. You may wonder how waking up could be one of the productivity hacks. The human mind works better during the early hours of the morning. Getting up early in the morning has improved productivity for busy professionals. So you can try to wake up earlier than you would usually wake up. By doing so, you can get more work done faster, and waking up early also maximizes your energy levels. So start your day early.

In conclusion, productivity lets you complete tasks on time and correctly. You do not have to make drastic changes to improve productivity as a busy professional. Often, small productivity hacks can profoundly impact and make significant changes. 

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