WhatsApp emoji reactions are finally getting a wider rollout

 The messaging app's increased file sharing limit and larger group conversations are now available to all users.

What's new in the Whatsapp

  • WhatsApp has begun to send out emoji replies to all users.
  • The chat app's larger file sharing size limit is now accessible to all users.
  • Users are also gaining the option to create groups of up to 512 individuals.

WhatsApp's message responses have begun to show for a larger number of users on the stable channel after a few weeks of beta testing, however the emoji selection is now restricted to six.

The new emoji replies are already available on Android and iOS devices, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post. However, due to the gradual implementation, the new functionality may not be available right away. 

Assuming you have enabled emoji reactions, you should now be able to view six distinct emojis when long-pressing a message, as you do with many of the finest messaging applications. Thumbs-up, red heart, smiling face, astonished face, sobbing face, and praying hand motion are among the emojis that symbolise frequent reactions.

This means you won't have to enter your response to a message in its entirety, which tends to fill up a conversation with text that might be substituted with simple emoticons. 

Aside from message reactions, the Meta-owned service now allows everyone to transmit files up to 2GB in size at once, an increase from the previous maximum of 100MB.

Another essential and much-requested feature is the option to add up to 512 individuals to a group conversation, which is now accessible to all WhatsApp users. The increase is double that of the prior limit.

All of these capabilities, along with the new Communities page, were initially unveiled last month, suggesting WhatsApp's intention to compete with Telegram and Slack.

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